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Yellow jacket Nest Bees

Let us remove wasps and bees

If you are facing a problem because of bees or wasps, the team at Integrated Pest Control is your first choice. We will treat the entire house. We're proud to mention that we have over 40 years of experience in bee and wasp control. Our team is skilled to handle both residential and commercial properties.

• Stinging insects

• African bees

• Bees

• Hornets

• Wasps

• Yellowjackets

Our pest removal includes:

Bees normally go in and out of a single hole or nest, and wasps typically make multiple nests around your home. To eliminate them and prevent further problems, we will treat the whole exterior of your home.


For large nests, we will remove the nest and we will also treat the area to prevent having a new nest around your home or commercial property. In addition, we will also remove some large mature nests for free of charge. We also collect venom for medical vaccinations. Call us today for details.

Get rid of large nests with our help

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Prevent stings and further infestation with our bee and wasp removal services. Protect yourself now!